Behavioral Financial Advice + Coaching

Ready to Build a Better Financial Life?

At Yellowstone, we strive to help you make better financial decisions, get out from under debt, jumpstart the investing and saving process, and become financially independent. 

We are a  fee-only provider of comprehensive financial planning and coaching, specializing in holistic, client-centered financial planning for your major life goals.


Financial Planning

We will work together to build a comprehensive financial plan, that incorporates your goals, risk behaviors, and timelines. We can then jointly implement the plan to start achieving your key financial goals.


Investment Advising

As a registered investment adviser firm in Texas, we provide specialized investment recommendations. We start with a behavioral risk assessment and help you clarify your financial goals, to simplify your retirement and investment choices. The SEC/FINRA Form ADV (disclosures and brochure) will be provided to you prior to your appointment.


Financial Coaching

Looking to retire, open a new business, or make a big purchase? We can help you develop budgets, and stick to them. We help you to think through all aspects of a major financial or business decision, weighing all risks, estimating uncertainties, evaluating alternatives, and providing optimal recommendations.


Couples Financial Therapy

Having money troubles in your relationship? We utilize psychology best-practices to advise leaders who want to make a difference in how they lead and the performance they deliver.

Financial Coaching and Planning

We provide specialized coaching to help you achieve wealth. 

We work as a fiduciary to help understand your goals and make them become a reality.

Business Coaching

As behaviorally-trained decision strategists, we help you work through important life, business, and money choices.

Our Strategic Path towards Wealth

Discuss > Discover > Design > Deliver



First, let’s schedule a one-on-one appointment and start learning about your goals and objectives. Learn about You


Discover Path

We will send you assessments to help us jointly clarify your decision, goals, tendencies, and biases. This discovery process forms the basis of our initial plan.


Design Recommendations

We will talk and together, come up with a plan with concrete recommendations based on your unique goals and needs.



Jointly, we will work on executing this plan and making the recommendations a reality. 

Here’s What Our Client Say About Us

“Dr. Langabeer has woven his decades of experience and insights as a former CEO, COO and academic into this important work on financial decision making.”

Kip Becker, PhD, Boston University, Associate Professor Emeritus

Anna Patricia

Manager of Finance Consultant

You are worth your weight in gold.​
Jennifer H.​
Yellowstone helped me understand my investments and retirement, and saved me thousands of dollars in fees.
Sheri G.
James helped me work through Medicare and tax decisions that looked insurmountable.
William D.