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What if you could get specialized coaching with a major life or financial decision?

Focused on Results

We provide advanced psychologically-informed financial coaching, analyses, and planning designed to help you master your important life choices such as spending, investing, retirement, and overall money management.

Our team’s expertise in financial planning, behavioral science, and decision strategy will guarantee you you make better money choices.

Get on the path towards wealth today!
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Comprehensive Planning

• Our coaching and advising is centered on you—where you are today, and where you want to go. 
• We will help you work through your key decisions.
• We provide both Money and Decision Coaching. 

Typical Decisions We Can Help You With

• Getting out of debt
• Developing a budget
• Starting investing and savings
• Working through marital issues involving money (financial therapy)
• Developing a clear financial plan
• Preparing for retirement
• Advancing toward Wealth


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Financial Planning

We can help you develop budgets, and stick to them

Investment and Retirement Planning

We provide specialized investment  recommendations…

Decision Coaching

Looking to retire, open a new business, or make a big purchase? …

Financial Therapy

We provide couples with financial therapy, to take back their relationships …

Why Choose Us

Our insights have been featured in Forbes Magazine, NPR, Houston Chronicle and dozens of other outlets.

Learn How To Maximize Your Wealth

In The Quest for Wealth, internationally acclaimed decision scientist Dr. James Langabeer shares how a mindful and straightforward 6-step model will to pave your path to wealth, while avoiding the trappings of our own brains. With the right tools and rules, you have all you need to be financially independent. The practical strategies offered in this book will help you learn how to tame your brain and get on the road to wealth.


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Our Satisfied Clients

You are worth your weight in gold. Thank you for your help and suggestions!
Jennifer H.
Yellowstone helped me understand my investments and retirement, and saved me thousands of dollars in fees.
Sheri G.
James helped me work through Medicare and tax decisions that looked insurmountable.
William D.


Most frequent questions and answers

I have extensive training in the science of decision-making and finance, as well as behavioral implications of choices. Our firm uses psychology and evidence-based money practices to help guide you through wealth.

I love decisions. We make over 100 choices a day, and I find it fascinating how we can take the same information and all come up with unique choices. My vision is to help guide everyone to improve their decision-making and get on the path towards wealth.

Our appointments are available in-person and virtual (phone or internet) to accommodate you. 

We are a fiduciary – and your interests come first. We value financial discipline, a long-term horizon, and recognize that each individual client has their own unique goals and needs. We take your psychology into account and focus on mindful approach to money.

We have two primary ways of charging for our services. One is a flat rate per hour of our working time (including both prep and client time). The second is that we charge you a fixed % of assets under management. 

Yes, we are a FINRA/Texas Registered Investment Advisory firm. If you are in need of specific investment advice, we will provide you with our firm’s ADV (brochure) required by the SEC (also click on this link here). ADV Brochure Yellowstone Rev 2